Composite indicators and data visualisation to measure the world

We develop composite indicators to measure challenging and policy-relevant concepts to analyse and compare countries and regions around the world. Our interactive and insightful web platforms let users dig deep into the data and convey key messages.


Composite indicator and scoreboard development

Composite indicators and scoreboards are powerful tools for monitoring complex multidimensional concepts such as sustainable development, quality of life, innovation, corruption, and many others.

We offer a unique end-to end service of building and visualising indicator frameworks. This includes:

We have worked in the development of dozens of composite indicators and scoreboards. Our approach is based on the European Commission’s Competence Centre for Composite Indicators and Scoreboards.

We also offer partial input and consulting on composite indicators and scoreboards, including updates, audits and reviews.

Performance monitoring

Policies and spending programmes must be monitored against measurable objectives and targets. We build and advise on rigorous indicator frameworks for tracking policies and programmes, built on years of experience working with European spending programmes. Our services include conceptual design and indicator selection, rigorous statistical analysis, and clear and appealing presentation of results in static and/or interactive formats.

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International data analysis

Data-driven solutions for tracking and monitoring global trends. We specialise in collecting and analysing international data and to shed light on challenging global issues, including gender equality, energy, trade and transport networks, sustainable development and many others.

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We have years of experience designing training courses on all of our consultancy topics, from indicators, statistics and data analysis, to data visualisation and communication.
We build bespoke courses either online or in person, that are tailored to your needs.