Meet our team members

Hedvig Norlén

Hedvig Norlén is a statistician and consultant on multidimensional measures for evidence-based policy making on social, economic and health issues.

She has experience as biostatistician and has worked with statistical data analysis in genomics, proteomics and alternative approaches to predictive toxicology.

Her previous work experience includes academia, the European Commission and the United Nations.

Hedvig has a bachelor and master of science with a major in mathematical statistics from Stockholm University and doctoral studies in biostatistics at Stockholm University and Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Will Becker

William Becker

William Becker is a senior data analyst and consultant on international data analysis and policy making.

He is considered a leading expert on multidimensional indicator frameworks, having led projects and advised many organisations, including the European Commission, the European External Action Service, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, and the World Intellectual Property Organisation, among many others.

His work has spanned topics from international connectivity and sustainable development to innovation and quality infrastructure.

William also has around 30 academic publications in high-impact journals, many years of experience as a trainer on indicators and other topics, and is the creator of a high-level software package in the R language (COINr) that is now used worldwide for building composite indicators.

William has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering.

Víctor Pascual

Victor is a co-founder at OneTandemHe has been working on data visualisation for more than 12 years, both in research and consulting projects.

He holds a PhD in Computer Science and Digital Communication and teaches data visualisation at several universities and institutions.

His main interests are related to finding algorithms and visualisation techniques that make the user interaction easier in order to simplify the process of turning data into knowledge.

Pere Rovira

Pere is the co-founder at OneTandem where he does what he likes the most: helping companies, organisations and people transform data into knowledge.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the data field, working with all kinds of clients and teaching at universities and conferences around the world.